Subtitrare Phenomenon: The Lost Archives - Monopoly Men


Phenomenon: The Lost Archives - Monopoly Men (2000) Monopoly Men 

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Durată: 45 min

Data: 6-Apr-2008

Ora: 01:29:57

Număr CD-uri: 1

Descărcări: 550

Genul: Documentar

Regie: Daniel Hopsicker

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Comentariu subtitrare

Unul din cele 14 episoade ale seriei de documentare PHENOMENON - The Lost Archives. Un documentar despre cine conduce lumea actuala cu adevarat. Pentru varainata 382 MB.
Contine si subtitrarea in EN.

Rezumat During the Wilson Presidency, the U.S. Government sanctioned the creation of the Federal Reserve. Thought by many to be a government organization maintained to provide financial accountability in the event of a domestic depression, the actual business of the FED is shrouded in secrecy. People of the world will be shocked to discover that the principal business of the FED is to print money from nothing, lend it to the U.S. Government and charge interest on these loans. Who keeps the interest? Goo


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