Subtitrare A Casa (The House)


A Casa (The House) (1997) A Casa

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Traducător: Dappon

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Durată: 120 min

Data: 18-Feb-2021

Ora: 19:37:05

Număr CD-uri: 1

Descărcări: 19

Genul: Drama

Regie: Sharunas Bartas

Tag: subtitrare A Casa (The House)

Comentariu subtitrare

Un film de Sharunas Bartas.

1. The House (A Casa) (1997) (DVD9-REMUX) cu durata de 01:58:30 şi fişierul de 6.449.217.383 bytes
2. The House (A Casa) (1997) (DVDrip XviD) cu durata de 01:58:30 şi fişierul de 2.256.916.480 bytes

Rezumat Though I enjoyed the screening of this film, I was quite disappointed about "Bartas' latest". Unlike his previous films The House did not take control of the, in my case well-disposed, viewer.The separate shots were predominantly fascinating yet sometimes of a very 'controlled' profundity, the lack of continuity on the other hand was embarrassing. At most three consecutive shots formed some kind of a unity.Therefore I think Sharunas Bartas should be locked up this time, in the editing room for at least a moth and then present a piece that will be worth his signature.


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